The Institute of Interior and Exhibition Design emerged as a separate entity within the Faculty of Architecture (today: Faculty of Architecture and Design) STU in 1990.

Currently the institute’s primary function is to provide for education of students at all degrees in the study programmes Architecture and Urbanism, and Architecture, Design and Arts with a more specialised, inter-disciplinary focus on the area of architecture, design, and interior design. 


Indispensable among a wide array of activities are research activities, associated with a complex of attributes in their past and nowadays contexts, as well as architectural and design practice. Their mutual overlapping, very close and indivisible, helps us gain a comprehensive perception of the context, understand architectural and design principles in creation that we strive to integrate in the educational process and present to a broader public.     


Knowing the contextual aspects of creative principles used both in the distant and the recent past is essential to suitably prepare graduates to be able to respond to the needs and challenges of current practice. Therefore, students from the Architecture and Design disciplines were involved in research activities under the presented KEGA project. They participated in gathering textual information, providing, and gaining photographs, and thus learning about and comparing creative features of both the past and present. Assisting activities performed followed up on the contents of optional courses taught at the Institute of Interior and Exhibition Design FAD STU in the years 2022–23. 

Students involved in the project KEGA No. 001STU-4/2021

  • Bc. Bieliková Eva
  • Bc. Černáková Barbora
  • Bc. Divékyová Terézia
  • Bc. Dobešová Daniela
  • Bc. Frančeková Lucia
  • Bc. Froncová Martina
  • Bc. Gergelyová Anna
  • Bc. Grošíková Petra
  • Bc. Kramárová Denisa
  • Bc. Labašová Karin
  • Bc. Jakubec Andrej
  • Bc. Mikitková Viktória
  • Bc. Mrázová Soňa
  • Bc. Mudrová Ľubomíra
  • Bc. Pitoňáková Simona
  • Bc. Prišťáková Michaela
  • Bc. Procházka Lukáš
  • Bc. Ridzoňová Klaudia
  • Bc. Sasváriová Laura
  • Bc. Sedlák Branko
  • Bc. Slabeyová Juliana
  • Bc. Staššáková Dagmar
  • Bc. Szabóová Sabína
  • Bc. Szuriová Rebeka
  • Bc. Verešová Katarína
  • Bc. Vrábelová Marianna
Ústav interiéru a výstavníctva sa vyprofiloval ako samostatný subjekt Fakulty architektúry (dnešnej Fakulty architektúry a dizajnu) STU v roku 1990.